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Village Physical Therapy and Wellness is a boutique studio specializing in the Schroth Method for scoliosis, pelvic health physical therapy, prenatal and postnatal care and Pilates private lessons.

Scoliosis Schroth Method


Gabrielle is a certified practitioner of the world-renowned Schroth Best Practice Method. This method uses specific exercises and education customized to a patient’s unique spinal curve pattern, with the goal of stopping the curve(s) from progressing and returning the spine to a more neutral position.

Pre-Natal Pilates



Pelvic health physical therapy is a comprehensive treatment for pelvic floor related conditions such as: urinary and/or fecal incontinence; constipation; pain: pelvic, abdominal, sacroiliac joint and tailbone pain; pelvic organ prolapse; urinary urgency and frequency; pre/post natal issues or concerns. We offer prenatal and postnatal one-on-one sessions that include whole body assessment, birth prep, pelvic health education, a customized exercise routine to meet your needs throughout the duration of your pregnancy and as your body heals after birth and more!

Orthopedic Physical Therapy



Whether you have pain, an injury, are deconditioned or postoperative, we are here to help get your quality of life back and meet your goals.

North Wales Pilates


We offer private Pilates sessions using classical Gratz equipment. Pilates strengthens your deepest muscles, increases spinal mobility and improves flexibility. Having a consistent Pilates practice will teach your body to move more efficiently, giving you more energy to live the active life you want!

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“I feel very blessed to have found Gabrielle. After being diagnosed with scoliosis & trying other PTs with no relief, I found Gabrielle who guided me through the Schroth Method and has greatly helped my pain.  I now take private Pilates lessons which have been a great addition to my program!  Can’t wait to start the mat classes.”


Village Private Pilates
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